Budding Dargle Photographers

N3TC Thabiso Mkhuliso in Mngeni river ed130 july

Thabiso Mkhuliso gets the perfect river shot.

On a perfect midlands afternoon during the school holidays six enthusiastic amateur photographers gathered at Corrie Lynn School to learn how to take photographs in the beautiful environment they live in. 

Eidin Griffin ran through the basics (don’t shoot towards the sun!) and discussed the magic ingredients that make an interesting picture. Everyone was given a ‘viewfinder’ rectangle made from black cardboard and went outside to practice ‘looking through a lens’. Tips on how to handle a camera followed with an explanation of what the buttons are for – how to zoom and focus.

Then it was off to the Mngeni river which runs past their school, to find some good shots. After much balancing on rocks and giggles each photographer got a turn and in between taking photos tore off their shoes, climbed trees and explored the river. The sun was shining and the river was sparklingly clear – gorgeous.

The kids were thrilled with their efforts and could quickly identify the better pictures from the not so good ones. The afternoon ended with a promise to meet up again the following week for another session. The best pictures will be entered into the N3TC Photographic Competition.

Eidin said afterwards “Watching them skipping along the dirt roads homewards I could see the new photographers stopping to ‘view-find’ pictures with their newly developed skills and very large smiles. Many thanks to the Dargle Conservancy for supporting this exciting afternoon.”

Dargle Conservancy believes firmly in inspiring the next generation to value the biodiversity and natural beauty of our valley and has for many years supported the creative environmental work of the Midlands Meander Association Education Project in Dargle schools. This inspiring afternoon was funded by N3TC through the Midlands Conservancies Forum project to support better relationships between local schools and the Conservancies they are situated in.

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