Black Mamba’s seen during preparation of KAP sani2c

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0 – The number of KAP sani2c’s that ‘Farmer Glen’ Haw has taken part in
2.4 – Number of tonnes of potatoes that are served during the event
2.6 – Number of tonnes of chicken meat consumed during the event
3 – Number of Black Mamba’s seen during the preparation of the route (on average)
8 – Number of kilometres ‘Farmer Glen’ lives from the McKenzie Race Village
21 – Number of eight tonne trucks that transport riders boxes to each overnight stop
23 – The number of communities, schools, charities and environmental groups that benefit from the event
195 – Number of kilograms of coffee that is consumed during the event
236 – Number of toilets that are used during the event
1000 – Loaves of banana bread served at the McKenzie Club Race Village
2000 – Litres of milk consumed during event
2300 – Number of tents that are erected for the event
2850 – The number of people that are employed during the event
6000 – Time in man-days spent preparing the route every year
11 000 – Number of kilometres that are travelled every year while working on the route before and during the event
14 400 – Number of eggs consumed during the event
20 000 – Amount of tea bags that are used during the event
27 000 – The number of bottles of water that are given to participants during the course of the event
225 000 – The number of litres of water that is boiled for showers every day
48 000 000 – Amount in Rands that is contributed to community development through the KAP sani2c

The Trail, Adventure and Race events of the 2016 KAP sani2c take place from Glencairn in Underberg to Scottburgh on KZN’s South Coast from 10-12, 11-13 and 12-14 May respectively. For more information visit