Amanda Low, Mrs SA Top 100

Mrs Amanda Low, might just have to change her number plate from Lady Low to Mrs South Africa if her current adventure is successful. Success would mean taking to the throne at the Grand Finale of the Mrs South Africa competition on the 9th of October 2015. In the meantime she is working at getting through the semi-finals on the 24th of April. The Meander Chronicle, where she recently was a Ladybird, checked up on her and her progress!

The Meander Chronicle: How does this story begin?:
Amanda: It started with meeting a former Mrs SA, through a client of mine, and shortly after that an introduction to Melissa Vurovecz, a finalist in the 2014 competition, who was featured in The Meander Chronicle last year. The seed was sown. It began in ernest when I attended last year’s Grand finale as a member of the Media. I liked the taste of it! I was presented with the opportunity to enter, thanks to Carene Breytenbach and Melissa Vurovecz, partners in Like-a-Lady.
The Meander Chronicle: How would you define Mrs South Africa?
Amanda: Mrs South Africa is a married, sophisticated woman, beautiful from the inside, out and driven to succeed.
The Meander Chronicle: You tick all of these boxes…how?
Amanda: Married: happily, to the most amazing man, David Low, a semi-pro mountain biker and cycling coach, born and bred in Maritzburg
Sophisticated: confident, well-presented, I prefer a regal and classical style. My British heritage probably comes through!
Beautiful from the inside: My motto in life is “succcess on the outside, begins with success on the inside and I am a strong believer that true beauty comes from within”.  (with thanks to Robin Sharma)
Driven to succeed: On every level, professionally with my company Signature Strengths and personally, I try walk and talk success. For me, this journey is an example of stepping out of my comfort zone, and succeeding in something that stretches me.
The Meander Chronicle: As you well know, the Meander Chronicle believes in people who “make a difference”. How will Mrs South Africa make a difference?
Amanda: Inspiring and empowering others to pursure their passion, and to embrace their uniqueness and discover their “Untapped Potential”. I recently had the privilege of working with CANSA Pmb and was the driving force behind introducing the new mtb element in the annual Relay for Life.
The Meander Chronicle: Your publicity drive has shown that there’s a lot of glamour and fun involved too. You must be enjoying that too?
Amanda: Although Mrs SA is more than a beauty pageant, it has certainly given me an opportunity to learn more about myself, and in particular the glamour element. For instance, I have a new found respect for make-up artists. They are artists, and for me it IS about natural beauty, so it has been experience to play with make-up and still look like Me. And yes, I have had fun with that!
The sponsors who have come on board are 100% behind me on this quest and for that I am so grateful. They’re also all true believers in supporting local, and so I would really like to thank Lady Di, Skinworx, Sole and my mentor Karen Vally of Untapped Potential for helping me believe! To Candice Christie, a thank you for your graphic design expertise!

YOU can help too!

Vote for Amanda Low by sms’ing AMANDA LOW to 35959 (R3 per sms) and voting is unlimited. You can also go onto the Mrs South Africa faceboook page, “Like” the page, and “like” my photo in the Mrs South Africa Top 100 Album (you won’t miss it, A is at the top as you land).
Follow Amanda’s journey on social media – AmandaLowSA

Amanda Low, Midlands hopeful for the Title of Mrs SA 2015, will be hoping for your votes

Amanda Low, Midlands hopeful for the Title of Mrs SA 2015, will be hoping for your votes