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My name is Sarah West, and I have recently relocated from Pietermaritzburg to Howick. I have been a nutritionist and massage therapist for 18 years, analysing clients nutritional deficiencies, and customising their diets. I supply organic vitamins and minerals where required.
Over the years I have seen amazing results. One of my customers owned a cafe in Hilton, and suffered “burnout”. She was forced to sell the cafe, and came to see me. Within a few months she was healed and was able to work again. Another client, a lawyer from Estcourt, had a 10 year old son who was hyperactive and was no longer able to sit in class. He was failing miserably in his tests. I did an analysis on the young boy and prescribed vitamins and minerals. Within 6 months he was managing an “A” aggregate.
A lady came to me severely overweight, and with clinical depression. She gradually came off medication and within 2 months she lost the excess weight, and recovered from clinical depression. An elderly lady recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s opted for the natural approach. Within a period of two months her doctor reassessed her and there was a 50% improvement in her condition.
My own son Barry was failing in Gr 10. I detoxed him and gave him supplements. He passed Gr 10 and went on to do an ITC degree. He is now the Manager of web development and works in Hilton. My other son Richard was falling asleep in class, and his teacher feared an illness. I detoxed him and he passed his degree and is now in Taiwan teaching children.
Many women spend thousands of rands on creams and botox to retain that youthful look. Beauty does however, really come from within and you will see wrinkles diminishing, bald patches recovering after vitamin therapy. I also make my own aromatherapy oils which complete and complement these treatments.
I travel to Pietermaritzburg and Hilton regularly and am happy to do home visits where necessary. My office is in central Howick and I am open from 8 to 5, Monday to Friday. For appointments phone 084 799 4219. Email:

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Sarah West