Alfred Zuma for President!

Alfred Zuma from Mpophomeni, has all the qualities of a good president.

Alfred Zuma from Mpophomeni, has all the qualities of a good president.

The wrong Mr Zuma is running the country. Alfred Zuma from Mpophomeni, has all the qualities of a good president. He has dignity, common sense, a great work ethic, good manners, a ready smile, a sense of responsibility and respect for the earth and people.

This Mr Zuma heads up one of the DUCT River Care teams and is responsible for the banks of the uMngeni between Midmar Dam and Howick Falls. Last year, when funding dried up, Alfred and Jabulani Nene voluntarily continued to clear litter from the trash boom above the falls.

Alfred has been involved with water and waste water since the 1970’s and takes great pride in his work. Not only clearing invasive vegetation, but all the garbage people chuck over the banks. It’s unbelievable what people toss, in the hope that it will magically go away. “We must teach everyone. The polystyrene box from chips is the worst,” he says. Recently, his team have pulled six big bales of clothes out of the river. They have spread them in the sun to dry and will be distributing to those in need.

“People see the water running and think it is ok, but you can’t drink it. I tell them the human body is made up of water, so we must take care of it to make sure there is water for future generations.” He encouraged his youngest son, Londa to volunteer with the River Care team during school holidays, to learn and contribute to ensuring our water resources are protected.

On weekends, Alfred heads out with the Abangani Motorcycle Club, on his beloved Suzuki GS 1000. “I love the bends of the R103,” he says with a grin. With fellow bikers, he enjoys going to rallies in Swaziland and the Eastern Cape. “We pack up the trailer with camping gear and off we go.” The Club regularly makes donations to charities in Mpophomeni and kwaChief.

Alfred has dreams of creating a path along the banks of the uMngeni River from the bridge to Mills Falls. He has picked out the perfect picnic spot beneath Acacia sieberiana trees already! He believes that people will be less likely to litter if they have access to the river and can see how lovely it is. He will also be working with Mpophomeni Conservation Group to clear a path along the banks of the uMthinzima to encourage residents to stroll beside the stream and take more pride in the area. “My wife and I like to take walks in the evenings, so it will be my pleasure to make this path where I live.”

Alfred Zuma is certainly making a difference in his community, never mind to the millions of downstream users of the uMngeni River.