A Councillor with a “Burn the Ships” attitude


Councillor of Ward 4 Sitembiso Desmond Nkuna, gave a presentation recently at St Ives Restaurant, to Media and interested parties where he introduced himself, spoke of his vision for the community whose interests he serves, and his hope for the future of his Ward.

He stressed how important the local business community is to the ward, and thanked them for their support during his 2011-2012 term. Numerous businesses in the area were named as having supported a number of initiatives, and activities.

“The challenges facing the community, and a Councillor are many,” he said “but inroads have been made, for example, on alleviating poverty through various interventions by the Gift of the Givers and the Hare Krishna Society, profiling of the community has been done to identify worst case scenario’s, drug abuse and crime has been pinpointed as an area of vital intervention and a CPF was launched in the Lidgetton area, boys in particular have taken advantage of the drug counselling that has been provided.”

Cllr Nkuna’s community wish list for 2013 includes the establishment of a community computer centre, a business plan for the completion of sports facilities, public jungle gyms to keep young children off the roads, the establishment of a running club, a senior citizens christmas party, a christmas celebration for children and finally a community sports tournament.

Not an unrealistic wish list really for any community, but in a community where unemployment is the norm, basic services don’t function as they should and a “slush fund” for such activities non-existent, its possibly a pipe dream. Unless of course, the community comes together to make it work, through fruitful discussions with relevant Municipalities, Government organisations and NGO’s. Pipe dream too perhaps?

“If we stand and work together we will achieve great things for our people, and we shall be rewarded for helping and developing our future generation – thank you.” Councillor SD Nkuna