And the first issue of The Meander Chronicle for 2016 is out!

And the first issue of The Meander Chronicle for 2016 is out!

And Midlands fans,

It’s quite something heading into a South African New Year with new resolve, new resolutions and renewed positivity when, quite frankly, the shenanigans of the powers that be leave us speechless, the rate of exchange leaves us mathematically and economically stretched, the potholes leave us tyreless and the convoluted conversations round race and the state of education leave us shaking our heads in frustration.

In the style to which we hope you have become accustomed, we present our first edition for 2016, filled to bursting with the positive edge of what is happening around us in the Midlands. Call it “sunshine journalism”, “head in the sand”, “window-dressing”, “denial “ … we are not too bothered. The stories are all true, and happened at a place near you!

The fact of the matter is we have chosen to focus and acknowledge the good stuff that IS out there. Some of it is enormously good, and some of it is a little gem, but it’s gratifying to take note of the little things that ordinary people are doing every day, to try and create the change, by being proactive and positive.

So – the drought is huge and horrific – be the change, donate water via the numerous initiatives that are being publicised.

Your community is frustrated by lack of delivery – start a facebook page that addresses issues in a productive way (well done Hilton Chat, and no doubt there are many examples we have missed).
Look around in our Midlands communities and notice the voluntary work that is done, for your benefit – the Conservancies, small town newsletters, feeding schemes, animal welfare

Take real notice of the number of NGO’s who pour their time and energy into making a difference. They ARE the good news.

Choose to commend instances of excellent service, from a provider that is stereotypically labelled instead of only publicising the negatives.

Spend some time with an under 10 year old child – their perspective on life is generally a tonic and full of faith, spend that same amount of time with an 18 year old – ready to take on the world, despite the naysayers.  (our contributions from schools are pur feel good factor)

Make sure that you spend as much time watching Sky News as listening to the SA News … puts it into perspective. Similar issues, different accent. (but those poor countries don’t have Johnny Clegg, kwaito, or Jeremy Loops)

Pick a sport and do it, not just watch it. It’s an economical way to health and we live in an outdoor sporting paradise, even if it just involves a stroll to a dam or a garden near you.

I quote our financial guru, Fenestra’s William Meyer who sent in an unusually sombre column this month (let’s be real here – it’s a very sensitive point at the moment). In discussion with him he ended in his upbeat fashion saying, “it’s really bad, BUT let’s remember that with challenge comes huge opportunity”.

We really like that Mr Meyer! #truestory

May 2016 be the year you wish it to be – at the end of the day, it’s really up to us.
Phillipa and Caroline